Pet Shop Boys - Elysium two-disc edition (purchased in store at Rapture Entertainment, Witney)

Various Artists - Ministry of Sound: 90s Smooth Groves three-disc set (purchased in store at Sainsburys, Witney)

Oasis - Definitely Maybe three-disc deluxe edition set (purchased in store at HMV, Hastings)

Stiltskin - Inside CD single (purchased in store at British Heart Foundation, Abingdon)

Level 42 - True Colours vinyl LP (purchased in store at Oxfam, Abingdon)

Tony Banks - The Fugitive vinyl LP (purchased in store at Oxfam, Abingdon)

Steve Hackett - Please Don’t Touch vinyl LP (purchased in store at Oxfam, Abingdon)

Kate Bush - Directors Cut three-disc collectors edition with Directors Cut, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes (remastered) (purchased in store at HMV, Swindon).


Blur - Parklive DVD (purchased in store at Rapture Entertainment, Witney)

Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Priestess Blu-ray/DVD set (purchased in store at HMV, Hastings)

Fairy Tail Collection Two four-disoc DVD set (purchased online at

I need blogs u w u


So, please follow me if you post anime like:
•Shiki -I really need shiki blogs-
•Kagerou Project
•Death Note
•YuGiOh(Mostly GX and 5ds but any ygo blogs are ok)
•Zankyou no Terror
•Mawaru Penguindrum -need those blogs jdkdjdks-
•K project
•Naruto -also need Naruto blogs too qwq- And some cute and pastel stuff qwq
And I really don’t need any Free! Blogs because I already follow enough Free! blogs~

C o d e  G e a s s  :  H a n g y a k u  n o  R u r ū s h u
EP6 奪われた仮面 (The Stolen Mask)


It’s almost on us, Bat!

Please be quiet, Orange!


my dash is kinda empty cuz i barely follow anyone, so if you post any of the following please reblog so i can check out your blog ^^

🔵Kuroko no Basket
🔵Uta no Prince-sama
🔵Diamond no Ace
🔵Bakumatsu Rock
🔵Free! Eternal Summer
🔵Tokyo Ghoul
🔵Sword Art Online II
🔵Shounen Hollywood
🔵DRAMAtical Murder
🔵Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
🔵Ao Haru Ride
🔵Love Stage!!
🔵Zankyou no Terror

I need more variety on my dash!


Reblog or like and I will follow you if you post:

Dramatical Murder
Terror in Resonance
Tokyo Ghoul
Kill la Kill

Holiday’s here I come. See you all soon xxx

noodle-child: Do you like barbeque ?? (i LOVE it) So when was the last time you had barbeque ? and what's your favourite barbequed food ? :D

Who doesn’t! hehe We’re only lucky if we get good sunny weather which is rare nowadays. The last time we had a BBQ was over a month ago. In fact I have a picture on Instagram showing the lovely food we usually indulge in. Often it’s burgers and meats that are consumed at our BBQs.

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